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Current Exhibition


SEZON ART SHOP (Yokohama, September 2022) - This exhibition will be divided into two shows, and in the first is going to showcase my old works.


M-Gallery (Ashikaga, March 2022) - I held a solo exhibition at M-gallery in Ashikaga which my primary gallery. I was seeking out the kinds of expressions that can lead us to respect each other’s perspectives and values on a deeper level. I showcased with new work series “double helix”.

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Art for Breakfast 2021: Manifold

Asia Society (TOKYO, December 8, 2021) - I shared my story about how I became an abstract artist in Japan and how I explore latent emotions and sociality in values on canvas. I also discussed how the New York art scene has greatly influenced me ever since I was invited to MoMA’s Junior Associates Program. Yoshihisa Kawamura, arts committee member at Asia Society Japan, hosted the program. (46 min., 55 sec.)

︎Asia Society Japan website


Lincoln Center/The Junior Associates of the MoMA (New York, November 2019) - I was able to hold my first-ever solo exhibition in New York. 12 large-scale pieces from my recent work were displayed at the Lincoln Center in conjunction with MoMA’s Junior Associates Program.

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– It induces us to... Koseki Ono × Mitsumasa Kadota
Sezon Museum of Modern Art (Karuizawa, April 2019) - My contemporary Kouseki Ono and I were the subjects of this two-person exhibition.The show also incorporated works from the Sezon Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection.

︎Sezon Museum of Modern Art website

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