VOCA 2011

The Vision of Contemporary Art

The Ueno Royal Museum (Tokyo, March 2011)

Abstraction can reveal much about the artist, sometimes more so than any other style. Thanks to a nomination by the art journalist Satoru Nagoya who found my style compelling, I was invited to present my work in the annual Vision of Contemporary Art group show at The Ueno Royal Museum. The two pieces I submitted were produced by taking the oscillating emotions and memories within me and replacing them with color and brushwork. In his review, Mr. Nagoya commented that, “the artist seems to be expressing the original joy of a first encounter with the world of paint and canvas. We should notice that each stroke is carefully controlled by the artist.” Due to the Tohoku earthquake that erupted just before opening, the exhibition was unfortunately cut short and reduced to half of its original length.

courtesy: The Ueno Royal Museum

2010 Acrylic and Carborundum on cotton

2010 Acrylic and Carborundum on cotton
Private Collection

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