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InterContinental Yokohama Grand (Kanagawa, January 2023)

“After I graduated from university in 2005, two things happened. The first was when one of the most influential museums in Japan, the Sezon Museum of Modern Art, took notice of my work and gave me the opportunity for a solo show at a gallery in Tokyo. This is a photo of my debut solo exhibition titled “TRICKSTER”, which took place at the Sezon Museum of Modern Art’s gallery in Tokyo. I painted a piece with the soak-stain technique, playing with blurred colors and lines. The second opportunity was more of a trip, but it was being able to travel to New York. At the time, New York was one of the cities I wanted to visit the most.I was surprised to see the diversity of the people, and yet, how the city provided a feeling of unity. I was heavily inspired by all the museums and galleries I visited.While I was there, I also devised a plan for an upcoming exhibition in Japan. From around this time, I began to paint by taking the fading feelings, sensations and memories within me and converting them into color and brushstroke on the canvas. For example, this piece is the main piece from one of the exhibitions which I named Crossing”. (December 2021 Asia Society Speech)

︎Asia Society Japan “Art for Breakfast 2021: Manifold” – December 2021

At the time, while I was there, I devised a plan for an upcoming exhibition in Japan. I decided to buy canvas in New York and paint on it. This work is one of that.I bought 3 by 10 meters worth of canvas at an art supply store called Pearl Paint, which is unfortunately now closed. I remember going to the canvas section in the basement and purchasing it with my poor English.

︎TRICKSTER (2005)

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